Dining Services


The River Club ensures a business-friendly dining experience for lunch and dinner. The dress policy, business casual, supports today’s relaxed business attire. The Club’s lunch and dinner menu provides an upscale food experience. The Club’s menus (and lunch buffet) also allow for a more casual, quicker dining experience if the business at hand dictates such. The menu offers Club-made signature items and premium desserts. The Club provides hot, freshly brewed, premium quality coffee, anytime.

We Promise:

  • To serve you quietly, efficiently and without undue interruption, by a server
    trained and experienced in hospitality services, skilled in communication and
    knowledgeable in dining vernacular.
  • An upscale food experience, without overly-lavish culinary constructions or
    superfluous service. 
  • Club-made, premium quality desserts and signature items. 
  • Selections available for service throughout the Club during operating hours. 
  • Hot, freshly brewed, premium quality coffee and tea, anytime.